Wednesday, January 30, 2013

St. Baldrick's Day

In this coming march March, Hofstra University and the Hofstra University Roller Hockey Team will host its sixth annual St. Baldrick’s Day Event. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a childhood cancer charity, which raises funds to help find cures for children stricken with various cancers, and help these children live as normal lives as possible during their fight. Other events take place throughout all 50 states and 28 other countries. Their main fundraising method is having volunteers raise money to have their heads shaved in solidarity with children with cancer.
During the event, all of the Hofstra Roller Hockey team members will raise money and have their heads shaved throughout the day. Last year, with help from other groups such as Fraternity Phi Delta Theta, Hofstra ROTC and Hofstra Athletics, the Hofstra Roller Hockey Team was able to contribute almost $20,000 to the St. Baldrick’s foundation, with the Roller Hockey Team raising almost $7,000 on their own.
So how can you help? Starting in late February, you can log on to and underneath where it says “I’m donating towards the fundraising goal of:” type in Hofstra Roller Hockey to make a donation for the group. Every small about makes a huge difference.

-Craig Camara, Class of 2014


  1. What a great and worthy event for kids with cancer!

    For those interested in supporting an additional organization that supports
    families who have children with cancer, please consider Give2Kids, who are based in NY and NJ:


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  6. During the event, all of the Hofstra Roller Hockey team members will raise money and have their heads shaved throughout the day. Last year, with help from other groups such as Fraternity Phi Delta Theta, Hofstra ROTC and Hofstra Athletics, the Hofstra Roller Hockey Team was able to contribute almost $20,000 to the St. Baldrick’s foundation, with the Roller Hockey Team raising almost $7,000 on their own. cotton bed shop near me , blanket bag , vicky razai factory , sofa cover for sale , velvet quilt

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