Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hofstra's Study Abroad Program

Photo Credits: Hofstra Students in Beijing, China during Study Abroad Program

Has your student ever told you their dream about visiting Germany, China, Italy, France, Japan or another country? Hofstra offers students 13 different countries to choose from through the Study Abroad Program.
Hofstra’s Study Abroad Program is offered during the January, spring (European Odyssey) and summer semesters. The programs allow students to earn credits while visiting another country and provide them with opportunities to learn about other cultures. While students are there, they will visit some of the countries’ well-known monuments, buildings, museums, and other sites that they may have read about.

Photo Credits: Hofstra students in France during Study Abroad Program

On top of visiting a dream spot many of your student’s peers have made lifelong friends, met people across the globe and built a strong resume with knowledge of other cultures. These rewards will last long after their college graduation.

Over the course of the next few months, we will have guest blogs from students sharing their first-hand experiences about the Study Abroad Program. This will help you and your student gain insight on the program, what it’s like to visit a new country, and learn about a different culture while in college.
Is your student interested in learning more? Please encourage your student to contact the Study Abroad Programs office located in 107 Roosevelt Hall at 516-463-4765 or visit their website here.  Although the deadlines have passed for the January and spring 2014 program, there’s still time for your student to apply for the Summer 2014 Abroad Program! Your student can check here for upcoming informational meetings. The application deadline to the Summer 2014 Abroad Program ends on March 7, 2014. So, don’t wait, help your student get started now living their dreams abroad.



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