Friday, May 9, 2014

Fine Arts Student Art Show

Through May 12, the Hofstra Department of Fine Arts, Design and Art History are presenting its annual Student Art Show! Students from all of these departments are presenting hundreds of impressive works of art, including paintings, drawings, 3D art, photography and other forms of media as well. The art show is open to the public and is being held in Calkins Hall on the south side of campus. Parents and family members are always welcome to come and check out these great works of art.

Definitely check out the wall of paintings. The impressive amount of detail and craftsmanship that is exhibited in these paintings is simply amazing! These students have devoted lots of time to perfecting their skills and these paintings really show it. Come check it out and see how talented our Hofstra artists are.

-Craig Camara, '14


  1. Really helpful and informative piece! Impressed a lot and i’m really willing to read something more from your side. Keep posting!

    thank you

    1. That was indeed visual art & design. Yes I am impressed too to see such great colourful paintings by the wall. That exhibition seemed to good. Thanks for sharing.

      Hope to see more!
      Best Regards.

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