Monday, June 27, 2016

Fall 2016 Move–In Information

Enjoy the summer while it lasts, September is just around the corner!
Fall 2016 Move – In Information

While it is only mid June now, it is important to plan ahead for the big move!

First Year and Transfer Students
Thursday, September 1
Printed on assignment letter sent to Hofstra Pride email account
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
Saturday, September 3 and Sunday September 4
9am-9pm both days
New International Graduate and New International Undergraduate Students
Sunday, August 28
 3pm - 9pm
New and Continuing Graduate and Continuing International Graduate Students*
Sunday, August 28
3pm – 9pm
First Year Medical Students
Sunday, July 24
10am - 2pm
New and Continuing Law Students
Sunday, August 14
12N - 9pm

*Any student who chooses to move in after this date may move into the residence hall any evening between the hours of 6pm and 9pm.

We suggest that residents consult with their room/suitemates regarding what items each will bring in order to avoid duplicates.

 √ Desk Lamp
 √ Umbrella
 √ Shower Caddy
 √ Area Carpet(s)
 √ Surge Protector(s)
 √ Alarm Clock
 √ Television
 √ Headphones
 √ Whiteboard
 √ Dishware
 √ Blankets/Sheets/Comforter
 √ Personal Toiletries
 √ Drinkware
 √ Towels
 √ Shower Shoes/Flip Flops
 √ Cooking Utensils/Silverware
 √ Pillow
 √ Desk Supplies (e.g. stapler, paperclips. etc)
 √ Hangers
 √ Laundry Basket & Detergent
 √One cup coffee maker (one per bedroom, must be
UL approved and equipped with automatic shut-off)

What Not to Bring
For health and safety reasons, the following are prohibited in the residence halls:
 X Any type of firearm or weapon
 X Electric Blankets
 X Pets (other than fish)
X Black Light Bulb (in university fixtures)
 X Microwaves**
 X Power Bed Risers

 X Halogen Lamps/Lights
 X Electric Grills
 X Tapestries on ceilings or walls (e.g. flags, curtains, etc)
 X Candles/Incense
 X Electric Heaters
 X Toaster Ovens
 X Cinderblock
 X Extension Cords
 X Toasters*
 X Cooking Appliances
 X Multiplugs
 X Waterbeds
 X E-cigarettes/Hookahs
 X Hot Pots/Plates
 X Rice Cookers

 X Additional items are identified in the Guide to Pride

*Permitted in the Graduate Residence Hall kitchens only
**Please refer to the section on Absocold Combination Appliance Rentals 
For those in need of storage or necessities such as the combination microwave/mini-fridge or linens, please visit for our list of vendors.
NOTE: Students found with prohibited items in their room may be documented and receive appropriate fines to their student account. For a more detailed breakdown of our policies, fines, and fees visit


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