Friday, August 24, 2012

Commuting Tips 1

Ahh...the life of a commuter. Not necessarily so enjoyable when you have to hoof it back and forth to work; but when you're in college it affords you the opportunity to enjoy what campus has to offer in those moments before, after and in between classes. But where to go? What to do?

These are pressing questions for every student, and by extension every parent who wants to ensure their student is getting the most out of University life. Therefore, I've posted a few of my favorite spots to spend time on campus whenever I have time to burn.
  1. Tenth Floor of the Axinn Library: This is a great quiet space for your student to catch up on some classwork, do some recreational reading or even just enjoy the panoramic view of Long Island atop one of the largest buildings on campus. Large windows line the western and eastern walls of the main study hall to give students a great scene to work by on sunny days. To the west they can see the New York City skyline in all its glory, whereas to the east they can look out onto the towns and shops of Long Island.
  2. Calkins Quad: On a lovely autumn afternoon, it isn't rare to see students and even some staff taking a break on the lawn abutting Hofstra Hall. Due to the fact that the eponymous Calkins Hall houses one of the University's main computer labs and that the adjacent Barnard and Brower Halls host many undergraduate and graduate classes alike, the Quad sees a lot of traffic.  This makes it the perfect place for your student to meet up with some buddies, and even mingle with potential new friends--as they say, the friendships one builds in college last a lifetime.
  3. Here I am catching up on some summer reading in Calkins Quad...I'm the one on the left.
  4. Fitness Center: I always find that commuting students don't take as much advantage of the Fitness Center as they should. A lot of them are under the misconception that it's only for residential students, and even those who know it's open for all students are quick to say they need to budget their time to get back home. Now, while it's true many commuting students need to be aware of the bus or which train to catch, many of them find themselves spending much more time on campus than they initially figured. The Fitness Center is a beautiful facility and a great place to get/stay in shape, most importantly it's open to every student. Urge your student to stop by, it may become a very healthy habit of theirs.
More tips for parents of commuting students to come! Feel free to post your questions/suggestions in our comments section below.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hofstra Fall Festival: Lineup Annouced for Vibe Live 2012

It's official! The lineup for this year's Vibe Live Concert is set!

Get down with KC and The Sunshine Band while your students enjoy New York-based dance-punk band Cobra Starship and stylish Def Jam Records artist, member of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. label, Big Sean! Following that, everyone can chill out to one of the coolest men to ever pick up a microphone, Snoop Dogg! The concert will be hosted by Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” with additional music by Vibe Live veteran DJ ENVY.

Also, this year’s carnival features signature rides such as Gravitron, Hurricane, Sizzler, and Giant Swing! Immediately following the concert, Fireworks by Grucci will light up the night sky with a special patriotic fireworks show! The concert will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, 9/29 in the intramural fields on the north side of campus, and will go until 8:00 p.m. that night.

If you purchase the Family Weekend Pass(es) by August 30, you will receive 30% discount off of the day-of price. To take advantage of this great deal, visit today.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Late Summer on Long Island

The southern view of the estate at Old Westbury Gardens.

With the fall semester fast approaching, it is easy to get caught up in whatever stress may accompany the season, but there is still much fun to be had in the waning weeks of break; and as we slip into the happy solitude of late summer, it's important to take note of what's around us.

A common misconception about Long Island is that people here are constantly in a rush and don't have the time to take a break--and though it's true our proximity to New York City makes us somewhat pacier than most, there are plenty of spots to take a quiet moment aside from all the bustle. So, for those of you who are planning to spend some quality time in our backyard, allow me to list some of my favorite things to do (and favorite places to visit, weather permitting) this time of year while on the Island:
  1. Spending Time in Eisenhower Park: Not far from Hofstra campus is an excellent public park complete with batting cages, mini-golf, four full golf courses and countless other attractions for visitors. Spend some quality time in the batting cages, go for a stroll or just lean up against a tree and crack open a book.
  2. Visiting Arboreta and Gold Coast Mansions: While visiting Hofstra, you've probably heard the word "arboretum" bandied about more than once. Well, if you ever want to take a drive towards the north shore and see another such park, the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay awaits. The state park makes use of 409 acres of estate property left by the late William Robertson Coe for the purpose of housing hundreds upon thousands of species of rare trees, plants and shrubs. A perfect place to spend an afternoon, no matter what time of year.  There are also brilliant mansions that dot the region's famed "Gold Coast," such as Old Westbury Gardens (pictured above).
  3. Going to the Beach: There are over 400 miles of shoreline on Long Island from the sandy beaches of the south shore to the rocky north shore, meaning there's always space to catch some rays (especially after the initial summer rushes reach their peak in mid-July).
  4. Seeing Breweries and Vineyards: People don't realize it, but the East End of Long Island is home to some of the most active viticulture on the east coast; and for those of you who'd rather share a pint than attend a tasting, Nassau and Suffolk counties are home to over a dozen craft breweries including the world-renowned Blue Point Brewery in Patchogue (less than an hour's drive from campus heading east).
  5. Concert Series: Earlier, I made mention of the multitude of beaches Long Island has to offer. Well, on one of LI's most famous beaches (Jones Beach) lies an amphitheater, which plays host to a summer concert series every year. Great bands from the Allman Brothers to System of a Down come to visit and put on a great show every year. So, after you've enjoyed the waves, perhaps you can check out who's playing and catch a show in the evening.
So, there are a few things that make Long Island a great place to visit come August. I hope you take some time to explore while you're here, and that you're able to see what makes it such a wonderful place.