Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shake-A-Rake, Recap

On November 15th, the Office of Off Campus Living and Commuting Student Services held its annual Shake-A-Rake community outreach.  With 302 students in attendance, the largest turnout in the program’s history, Hofstra continues a tradition that strongly and positively bonds the community and the school. Among the students in attendance were 15 athletic teams, 7 fraternities and sororities, 1 sports club, and several international students. 

Thanksgiving Homestay

Third from left, Amada Abad with her family and Hofstra students
During this Thanksgiving break, the Office of Parent and Family Programs and the Multicultural & International Student Programs Office (MISPO) offered a “Thanksgiving Homestay” for Hofstra students to experience Thanksgiving at someone’s home.  Last year, two international students celebrated with one family.  This year, two families of current Hofstra students hosted six international students. This was the first Thanksgiving for most of these students. 

Ms. Amada Abad kindly hosted a group of Hofstra students at her home and filled us in with her experience: 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Subscribe to Our Blog and Stay Warm!

It sure is getting chilly out here on Long Island. We hope you're staying warm as the winter quickly approaches, and to assist with your winter wardrobe, we are giving away 2 Hofstra University Office of Parent and Family scarfs!

Tips For Getting Your Student Prepared for the Winter!

Its been a very confusing fall when it comes to the weather and its starting to get very cold outside. Winter is coming upon us! For some, this means snowball fights and snowmen, hot chocolate and staying inside with friends to watch movies, but for others this means long commutes, tons of shoveling, and being cold all the time. New York snowstorms create a winter wonderland on campus. But although snowstorms bring joy to many people, there are a lot of supplies that students can use that will really help them get through the winter months. You can help your student become prepared by making sure they have exactly what they need for this winter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Maysoon Zayid's "Survival of the Unfittest"

In the spirit of the fast approaching Thanksgiving festivities, I would be remiss in not expressing how fortunate the Hofstra community is to have such a lively and interactive campus. On any given day, you can stumble upon an executive speaker at a Frank G. Zarb Business School event, a Common Hour Compliment on a Random Acts of Kindness Day, or find forty students doing organized yoga on the Quad. But sometimes, the students and larger community of Hofstra are fortunate enough to welcome a particularly special guest to our campus. This week, Hofstra is a buzz with the forward looking Thanksgiving break, the Men’s Basketball game versus Stony Brook, the Indian Festival of Lights, and another particularly exciting event. On Friday night at 6:00 p.m., Pride PALS and the rest of the Hofstra community welcome Maysoon Zayid, writer, actress, and hilarious standup comedian, to the Monroe Lecture Hall stage.