Friday, August 24, 2012

Commuting Tips 1

Ahh...the life of a commuter. Not necessarily so enjoyable when you have to hoof it back and forth to work; but when you're in college it affords you the opportunity to enjoy what campus has to offer in those moments before, after and in between classes. But where to go? What to do?

These are pressing questions for every student, and by extension every parent who wants to ensure their student is getting the most out of University life. Therefore, I've posted a few of my favorite spots to spend time on campus whenever I have time to burn.
  1. Tenth Floor of the Axinn Library: This is a great quiet space for your student to catch up on some classwork, do some recreational reading or even just enjoy the panoramic view of Long Island atop one of the largest buildings on campus. Large windows line the western and eastern walls of the main study hall to give students a great scene to work by on sunny days. To the west they can see the New York City skyline in all its glory, whereas to the east they can look out onto the towns and shops of Long Island.
  2. Calkins Quad: On a lovely autumn afternoon, it isn't rare to see students and even some staff taking a break on the lawn abutting Hofstra Hall. Due to the fact that the eponymous Calkins Hall houses one of the University's main computer labs and that the adjacent Barnard and Brower Halls host many undergraduate and graduate classes alike, the Quad sees a lot of traffic.  This makes it the perfect place for your student to meet up with some buddies, and even mingle with potential new friends--as they say, the friendships one builds in college last a lifetime.
  3. Here I am catching up on some summer reading in Calkins Quad...I'm the one on the left.
  4. Fitness Center: I always find that commuting students don't take as much advantage of the Fitness Center as they should. A lot of them are under the misconception that it's only for residential students, and even those who know it's open for all students are quick to say they need to budget their time to get back home. Now, while it's true many commuting students need to be aware of the bus or which train to catch, many of them find themselves spending much more time on campus than they initially figured. The Fitness Center is a beautiful facility and a great place to get/stay in shape, most importantly it's open to every student. Urge your student to stop by, it may become a very healthy habit of theirs.
More tips for parents of commuting students to come! Feel free to post your questions/suggestions in our comments section below.


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