Monday, July 13, 2015

Hofstra’s Tree of the Week

As many of you may already know, Hofstra is well known for the beautiful campus with extraordinary landscape features, such as the various trees and tulips. For those of you not too close to campus, we have decided to feature a piece of Hofstra’s exquisite arboretum on our blog so that you can see our trees from a distance! The featured piece of Hofstra’s land is a tree with the scientific name Cedrus Atlantica ‘Fasigiata’ or the Upright Blue Atlas Cedar. 

There are a few of these trees throughout Hofstra’s campus and they are hard to miss with their height and bluish colored pine needles. When the tree is fully matured it can stand to over 100 feet tall! Atlas Cedars are extremely tough and adaptable, which is why they do so well year round on our campus. These photos show the name of the tree and the tree itself on our campus! What’s your favorite Hofstra tree? 

-Stephanie Iaccarino, graduate assistant for the Office of Parent and Family Programs, '15, '17


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