Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Homestay 2015

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating both giving and sharing. Several of our Hofstra families showed these characteristics when opening their homes for our annual Thanksgiving Homestay. The Office of Parent and Family Programs along with the Office of International Student Affairs offers this opportunity for students, international or not, that either can’t make it home for Thanksgiving or would like to experience Thanksgiving for the first time. The feedback received over the years shows that both students and families enjoy and grow from their experiences.

This year, Rosa Keijsper had the opportunity, with several of her friends, to spend the holiday with the Murray family! From dog walks, to Thanksgiving dinner, to even a Broadway show, the Murrays worked hard to ensure their guests had a wonderful time!

Rosa said, “It felt really nice to be surrounded by such a loving family and experience the American life outside of the university. I would like to thank both Hofstra and the Murray family for this opportunity and all the fun stuff we got to do this weekend!”

We at Parent and Family Programs would also like to thank the Murray family for kindly opening and sharing their home for Thanksgiving!

Yishi Ding is another student that had the chance to experience her first Thanksgiving. She spent it with the Osterwald family and their daughter, Gwen.

Yishi with the Osterwald Family

Here's what Yishi had to say, “I have to say that [Gwen's] family is so interesting and I really spent a wonderful time with them. I am grateful to the Parent and Family office and International Student Affairs office for giving me the chance to have a homestay with a local family. And [I]thank Gwen for inviting me. That's a very unforgettable experience.” 

 Luisa Domingues had "the best experience for [her] first Thanksgiving here in America."

Thanksgiving at the Aherns

Thanksgiving at the Aherns
For any families who wish to participate in the Thanksgiving Homestay opportunity next year, please email us at for more information.

-Jeo Dorcely, undergraduate student assistant


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