Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hello Hofstra Parents and Families!

In honor of Hofstra’s rich horticultural history and to celebrate the Spring season, Parent and Family programs is sponsoring the Tulip Tour and Tea event. There will be a discussion in the historical Hofstra Hall led by Patricia Dimino, an exhibit in the Hofstra Museum, as well as tours of Hofstra’s arboretum with Fred Soviera, director of the grounds and Nancy Richner, the director of the Hofstra Museum. The first tour begins at 12pm.

There will also be a lecture given by Hofstra archivist, Geri Solomon, featuring photographic history of Hofstra, on the 10th floor of the Axinn library. There will be refreshments served and if the weather is nice, a bird’s eye view of Hofstra’s campus and parts of New York City. This event is a great way to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day with mothers and grandmothers, so don’t miss out!

Tickets are just $10 per family member and the event is free for Hofstra students. Visit this link to register now before space fills up! For more information, please visit

-Jehovahnie Dorcely, Undergraduate Assistant, Class of 2017


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