Monday, May 15, 2017

Residential Student Move-Out

Hello, Hofstra families! Does your student live on campus? The end of the semester is nearly 

upon us, and with it comes time for your students to move out of their residence halls.

The Office of Residence Life’s procedure to check out of the residence halls is as follows:

·      Remove all personal belongings from the room (the University assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged or discarded items)
·      Restore your room to its original condition
·      Have an RA check your room in your presence to note any damages or repair needs on the Room Condition Report (RCR)
·      Return your key and receive a key receipt
Note: All resident students must check out within 24 hours of their last final or by 9am on May 20th, 2017.
For more information, please visit the Office of Residential Life’s webpage here.

-Jehovahnie Dorcely, Class of 2017, Undergraduate Assistant