Monday, October 30, 2017

Thanksgiving Homestay Program

Hello Hofstra Family & Parents!

 We are inviting you to register and participate in the Thanksgiving Homestay Program as a host, to connect with students who will have to stay on campus or local to the Hofstra area over the Thanksgiving break. Hosts can be families of Hofstra students, alumni, administration, staff or faculty, hosting the Thanksgiving holiday in their home.

The Program introduces students and hosts based only on the information that each provides in their applications for the Program—Hofstra has not independently verified those statements nor conducted any background screens. The Program relies entirely on volunteer hosts and participating students. The host family discusses with participating students the needed transportation, accommodation and any special meal requirements. If you would like to host, please fill out the Host Form and email it to parents[at]

The host registration form can be found at:

Please call Parent and Family Programs at 516-463-4698 or email us at parents[at] if you have any questions.


  1. That's a wonderful initiative taken by Hofstra University.I appreciate your efforts taken in connecting the students with family and university.Wishing the team good luck.
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