Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soph (be) MORE!

Soph (be) MORE!

In order to reintroduce sophomores to Hofstra's wide array of leadership opportunities and ways to get involved on campus, the first ever Soph (be) MORE event was created and hosted yesterday, February 1, 2012.

As a member of the class programming committee, we have been brainstorming and planning this event for months. Sophomores had requested that Hofstra program more events for sophomores specifically, and we listened! We're looking to make the Soph (be) MORE event an annual tradition. I hope that your sophomore student had a chance to come to stop by yesterday, and become involved.

For many students, their first-year can be a difficult time to join a club with so much going on at once: transitioning to college life, juggling a full course load, studying, socializing, and working. This event provided a great opportunity for sophomore students to get reacquainted with the great clubs, student employment opportunities, get their DAR printed and read by an academic dean, learn about Alumni benefits, chow down on some great snacks, and even grab a free, nifty T-shirt.

For more information on the event, I highly recommend telling your student to read Jaclyn Congello-Vento's blog post on

Please enjoy the photos below.

Have a great week,
Mary Coleman, Assistant Director


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