Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hofstra Roller Hockey

One of greatest opportunities available to Hofstra students is the chance to play on a club sports team: they get to travel, engage the community and build friendships that will last their entire lives. One of the most popular, active such teams on campus is the Hofstra Roller Hockey Club. Hofstra marketing major and B-squad goalie, Craig Camara, describes the team below.

Started 11 years ago, Hofstra’s Roller Hockey team is one of the most successful sports clubs at Hofstra. We consist of two different squads: a Division I team and a B team, which practice and travel to tournaments all around the East Coast together. Coached by native Long Islander, Jim Tamburino, Hofstra’s Division I team finished in third in the Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (ECRHA), qualifying them for the Nationals tournament in Salt Lake City. Hofstra’s B team also saw a lot of success in the 2011-12 season, finishing the regular season in the second place behind eventual B level national runners up West Chester University.

In addition to its successes at the rink, the Roller Hockey Team does a lot for the community as well. Every year, we team up with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for children battling cancer. Along the way, players shave their heads in solidarity with these brave children battling for their lives. In addition to this, we organize a Special Olympics Floor Hockey event each year and has a dodge ball tournament in the works for November to raise money for the team.

Next weekend, Hofstra travels to Glastonbury, CT for the first week of the regular season. Division I will open the season against bitter rivals Stony Brook and West Point, while B opens up against Stony Brook and Northeastern. From there, Hofstra will also have Events in Feasterville, PA, Sewell, NJ, Richmond, VA and two weekends at their home rink in Bethpage, NY. Despite the strength the team already has, we are always looking for new members to come out and play regardless of playing ability or experience.

If you have a student who you think would be interested in playing, please have them contact the team by emailing, liking the team on Facebook, or following their twitter feed.  Also, make sure they keep up with the other sports clubs on campus through the Fitness Center website.


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