Thursday, October 18, 2012

This past Tuesday, for the second time in as many general election cycles, Hofstra University hosted a Presidential Debate, and the campus was jumping.  Several on-campus viewings were held, from the Student Center to Hofstra USA, and each of them was packed to the hilt as students, staff and guests rushed to be a part of this special occasion.
Throughout the day, hundreds of students were able to enjoy coverage from countless media that flocked to campus in preparation for the night's big event.  They were also privy to expert panels discussing debate theory, pre-debate town halls, and Issue Alley for which 26 student groups set up displays in order to educate their peers about issues important to them.  All of the excitement, however, came to a peak when the two candidates made their way onto the debate floor and proceeded to trade barbs in heated exchange after heated exchange.

Everyone turns their attention to the screen as President Obama
and Governor Romney make their way to the debate stage.
It was remarkable to be on campus during the debate, and witness a over year's worth of hard work pay off in a single night.  We couldn't be prouder in our student body, our staff and everyone else who made the debate possible.


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