Friday, January 25, 2013

What to Have Your Students Bring for Spring

If you're not certain as to what your student should have entering the spring semester, here are a few tips to help you along:

  1. Snow boots/rain boots: Long Island gets plenty of precipitation throughout the year and, if the meteorologists are to be trusted on this one, we're in for a pretty rough winter, snow-wise. That said, it's always a good idea to have your students bring an extra pair of winter boots for February and early March, and a solid set of rain boots for the latter portion of the semester when getting across the parking lots can be pretty problematic after heavy rainfall.
  2. An extra coat, scarf and pair of gloves: Though the semester ends in May, you want to ensure your student is able to handle the heart of winter at the onset of the latter half of the academic year. As any veteran Hofstra student or parent can tell you, even the mildest winters over here have that one day where you feel like you've woken up in Alberta. The extra winter wear is a must-have for February.
  3. Umbrella: Inclement weather seems to be a theme. Don't worry, it won't be raining, sleeting or snowing all of the time, but it's best that your student comes prepared for when it does. They do sell umbrellas at the University Bookstore, but if you can fish an extra out of a closet or foyer, your student won't need to shell out the cash for one on campus and can hold onto that extra money for books or food.
  4. Extra blankets: If your student lives on campus, be sure to equip him or her with an extra quilt or throw blanket for when the temperatures drop. This way, if they ever get caught inside studying or enjoying a movie and some cocoa, they have something warm and cozy to drape over their shoulders.
5. Some sunscreen and extra short-sleeved shirts: Once we all make it through winter, your students will want to take some time for themselves between classes to enjoy the spring sun. Make sure they have some lighter clothes for when the temperatures start rising, and something to guard against sunburns should they want to catch some rays in May.

Just a few things to keep in mind. With these items at their disposal, your students should be able to make a comfortable transition back to a normal academic schedule.


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