Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ready. STEP. Go!

For the past month, Hofstra University's Office of Recreation and Intramural Sports has been conducting its "Ready. STEP. Go." campaign in effort to keep Hofstra students and staff active throughout the early portion of the spring semester. Through this initiative, the Hofstra Fitness Center distributed pedometers to interested students who then began to chart their steps each week for 4 weeks.

The student or staff member with the highest step count at the end of each week received a prize from the Fitness Center, with a Grand Prize awarded once all of the steps were tallied at the end of the challenge. When it was all said and done, Mikwaevonn Mills had recorded the most steps in a single day with 87,491, whereas Jason J. Albert recorded the most total steps with 758,348 over the course of the challenge. Impressive!

"Ready. STEP. Go." began on Monday, February 11 and wrapped up this past Sunday, March 17. A total of 331 students and staff participated in the challenge, which surpassed Hofstra's Office of Recreation and Intramural Sports' initial goal of 200 participants.

"...[I]t is gratifying to see the enthusiasm from everyone participating, tracking and recording their steps, which has made the challenge that much more rewarding and memorable," said Assistant Director of Recreation and Intramural Sports, James Tamburino. "Along with getting people on campus involved with the event, our ultimate goal was to create awareness of physical activity on campus, and I believe this challenge has reached that goal."

Students were challenged to track their steps each day for

Hofstra is always trying new ways of keeping its students and staff as active as possible. With recent renovations to the Fitness Center and over 20 club and intramural sports on campus, Hofstra's Office of Recreation and Intramural Sports continues to grow. For more information, follow the link above to the Fitness Center's website, or call (516) 463-6958.


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