Friday, March 29, 2013

Women's Her-story Month

Over the month of March Hofstra University has celebrated all women around the world in recognition of Women's HERstory Month. This tradition has its history in a public law passed by Congress in 1981, which formally recognized the week of March 7 as Women's History Week. Through a series of resolutions over the years, Women's History Week eventually expanded into Women's History Month, and has been recognized via Presidential proclamation every year since 1995.

Representatives from "She's the First," a non-profit
organization that aids girls and young women receive
education in developing countries, were very active
throughout the month, shown here, presenting at the
Women's Her-story Month Reception.
Women have played an important role in the founding of our University, and have greatly contributed to Hofstra's growth and culture since. Upon her passing in 1933, Kate Mason Hofstra helped found Hofstra University when she bequeathed her estate as a memorial to her late husband. Since that day, women have continued to help shape life at our University for the better, and this month we celebrated the strides women have made, while pointing out the work we must continue to do as a global community to make sure women are given the same opportunities to thrive and contribute as men.

The Multicultural and International Student Programs Office (MISPO) sponsored programming throughout the month, which included a reception, open discussions and events showcasing the women's organizations and student-run clubs on campus. On International Women's Day (March 8), for example, Hofstra celebrated by writing letters, which MISPO would then mail, to those women who had the greatest impact on their lives. Furthermore, "She's the First," a wonderful non-profit whose mission is to help girls and young women receive education in developing countries, presented at the aforementioned reception and held the month's final campus function by sponsoring a dance-a-thon. Hofstra students, faculty and staff participated to raise money for young women seeking education in the developing world. And even though the month of March is about to make way for April, we will continue to further the educational progress of women around the globe with the help of such an active community of women and men alike.

If you have a student who is interested in diversity within our campus community, urge them to check out MISPO's website or the listing of clubs provided by the Office of Student Leadership and Activities. And be sure check our blog during April for news and events regarding Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Staff from Hofstra's Multicultural and International Student Programs Office
poses before the Women's Her-story Month Reception.


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