Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cub Zone 2013!

Thank you to Catherine Zonsky, Assistant Dean of University Advisement who recapped this year's Cub Zone event.

Saturday morning of Family Weekend included Cub Zone, an arts & crafts extravaganza, for children ages 6 – 11 that were joining in the festivities with their families.  The children showed their creativity through a variety of crafts that included monster puppets, Halloween masks and drawings.   Children also entertained themselves with video games, leaping over clouds and mushrooms or dancing to the beat.  Others tried their hand at the tables with air hockey, pool and ping pong.  Kate & Willy joined in the fun.  They tried their best at ping pong though it was tough for them to maneuver that little ball with their big paws.  They were awesome at arts & crafts and made some pretty pictures. And we’re not “lion”!


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