Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Discovery Program 2013

Jenny (Jeanette)'s Discovery Group. 2013
 As told by Ms. Rowe:

The Discovery Program, run by the Office of Student Leadership & Activities, is one of the best kept secrets here at Hofstra.  My daughter participated in the program as a freshman and just finished her second go-round as a Discovery Leader.  In a very short time, this program points incoming students on an amazing path of leadership training and community involvement.  The people who run the Discovery Program engage and mentor these kids with fantastic results.  Take a look at the Discovery Leaders' bios on the Hofstra website.  They are quite impressive.  All of these kids have come through this program and continue to be involved as upperclassmen.  I can't even express how grateful I am that we stumbled upon this program.  If you have an incoming freshman, this is money well spent!

Community Empowerment worked with All Hands gutting a house for Hurricane Sandy relief.

Community Empowerment worked with All Hands gutting a house for Hurricane Sandy relief.


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