Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shake-A-Rake, Recap

On November 15th, the Office of Off Campus Living and Commuting Student Services held its annual Shake-A-Rake community outreach.  With 302 students in attendance, the largest turnout in the program’s history, Hofstra continues a tradition that strongly and positively bonds the community and the school. Among the students in attendance were 15 athletic teams, 7 fraternities and sororities, 1 sports club, and several international students. 

51 total houses were raked, along with a number of community centers. The students also planted Hofstra’s famous tulips around the community. We are extremely proud of that this event and the participants showed some great Hofstra Pride! Programs such as Shake-A-Rake are great for students looking to get involved in both the outside community and Hofstra’s community, as well as creating opportunities for meeting likeminded people. 

Encourage your student to get involved. It’s never too late to start making a difference!

-Jehovahnie Dorcely, undergraduate assistant