Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring 2016 Career Events


For Parents and Family Members…
You are cordially invited to attend a career education workshop, presented by Executive Director of the Career Center Gary Miller, informing you about the internship and job search and how to support your student in that search. This free workshop is taking place on Saturday, March 19th, 2016, Noon-2 p.m. A light lunch is included.

We encourage you to come in person. If you live far away, you will able to join us via Google Hangout. We will record the session and post the video online. You are very welcome to email us your questions in advance.

Please RSVP, whether you are coming in person or via Google Hangout. We will email you the venue closer to the date.

Your students have been invited to attend the Career Fair on Wednesday, March 9th, 11 a.m.-2 p.m, in the Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex, North Campus. Visit the Career Fair page, where you may see the list of participating organizations. Please email us at parents@hofstra.edu should you have any questions.

And For Students…

Parents and family members: have you ever asked your student what they wanted to do with their Hofstra degree and recieve the response, “I don’t know”? Encourage your student to attend the Spring Career Fair on Wednesday, March 9th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Mack Sports and Exhibition Center.

Over 160 companies will be in attendance with many internship and employment opportunities. Employers will be coming from the fields of education, non-profit, government, business, communication, engineering and many other areas. Suggest to your student that they dress in professional attire and brings multiple copies of their résumé.

How can I help my student prepare for the event? We suggest that you give them the following tips:

1. Research the companies. Researching employers in advance provides information to help determine which employers fit best with your student’s career goals. Your student should arrive early to ensure there is enough time to visit any top choices.
2. Get comfortable with your introduction.  Your student should know how to make a proper introduction. An example of this would be, "Hi, my name is Pat James. I'm a history major here at Hofstra, and I'm looking for internships that allow me to interact with people and use my research skills. Thanks for being here at the Fair. I saw that you have internships available.  Can you tell me more about what type of candidates you are seeking?"  Conversations should begin to feel casual and flow after this.
3. Ask good questions. Researching employers before the Career Fair shows intiative, but be sure that your student knows to ask questions. Students should show curiosity about things they are told while also talking about themselves and their experiences.
4. After discussions, find a place to stop and take notes. Notes don’t have to be long. Students shouldask for business cards and carry a pad folio to make notes.
5. Follow up. After deciding which companies are of most interest, your student should follow up with potential employers with an e-mail that picks up where the discussion left off. If your student had been directed to an online application, they should complete it, send the recruiter a “thank you” and let them know they applied. If your student connected personally with a recruiter, but there is no immediate opportunity for your student, they should still send them a thank you note and a LinkedIn request.
Your student may view a complete list of employers that will be in attendance here.

-Gabriella Novello, Class of 2018 


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