Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Siblings Day 2016: A Fun-Filled Success

Another fantastic family event took place this past weekend at  Hofstra. Siblings Day was a smashing success, and as  one of the participants, I can truly attest to that. On February 27, Hofstra siblings from all over gathered together to get a taste of the Hofstra community. There was so much to do that by the end of the day that even my three energetic sisters were plum tuckered out! The day started off with a pizza lunch and some arts and crafts, which everyone enjoyed. A little coloring with the coloring club, In the Lines and some cool spin art went a long way. 

My sister Chris and I had the opportunity to perform some of our favorite songs for our fellow Sibs Day participants, which was definitely a fun experience. There was dodgeball and the scavenger hunt, and choosing between the two was hard, but the prizes for the scavenger hunt were worth it. Silly string, candy, and some Hofstra swag confirmed that we made the right choice. We also had the chance to check out both of Hofstra’s fun-filled game rooms, which included some of our favorite games like car races, pinball, and air hockey.

Later in the day, the Hofstra Men’s basketball team took home the CAA regular season championship after a riveting home game that Hofstra Sibs were honored at. It’s always so cool to stand at center court and wave to the cheering crowd! My sisters got a taste of Hofstra’s dining and we watched one of our favorite movies, Grease, in the comfy chairs of the commuter lounge.

Then came my personal favorite part of the day, watching The Good Dinosaur in the Student Center Theater. It was such a great movie, full of laughs, plenty of tears on my end, and good, life lessons for everyone. Unfortunately, the end of this eventful day had come. The siblings got a taste of Hofstra’s traditional Late Night Breakfast experience, complete with bacon, eggs, and orange juice. A great prize donated by the Hofstra Bookstore was raffled off and we got to enjoy the last legs of a great day in great company.

Siblings Day is definitely one of my favorite Hofstra events, especially because I get to combine two things that I love: Hofstra and my family! I advise anyone who has not experienced this to make an effort and come next year, you will love it!

-Jeo Dorcely, Class of 2017