Monday, November 28, 2016


With the end of the semester quickly approaching the Hofstra Pride Pantry can support our students’ nutritional needs!  Never fear, the Hofstra Pride Pantry is here!

The Hofstra Pride Pantry is here to function as a nonperishable food pantry that will serve students of Hofstra University and Hofstra community members who are at risk of food insecurity. The main goal of the Hofstra Pride Pantry is to service as many people as possible to ensure that those in need of a reliable and stable food source have support in getting sufficient daily nutrition.

The Hofstra Pride Pantry is for staff, faculty, and students of Hofstra University. The pantry can be accessed by any of these community members during the hours of operation, which are Wednesdays 11:00am-1:00pm and Thursdays 4:30pm-7: 30pm. In order to use the pantry, Hofstra community members will need to bring their Hofstra ID and fill out a small online survey. Confidentiality of all participants is very important to the success and mission of this program. Please know that all identifying information collected will be kept confidential and only used for the purpose of improving the service that we provide to our community members.

What To Expect
The Hofstra Pride Pantry accepts nonperishable food donations. Based on feedback and research the Hofstra Pride Pantry seeks to offer the campus community healthy food options. Some examples of stocked items might include:
·      Canned protein
·      Dried fruit with no added sugar
·      Fruit canned in water or juice (not syrup)
·      Fruit preserves
·      Instant oatmeal
·      Nuts
·      Peanut butter
·      Seeds/trail mixes
·      Unsweetened applesauce
·      Gluten free options

Please note that the Pride Pantry will only be open for the fall and spring semesters during the published times above. If the University is closed you can expect the Pride Pantry to also be closed. The Pride Pantry is located in the Center for Student Collaboration, 2nd Floor Student Center, Dean of Students Hallway. Donations can also be brought to the Pride Pantry during hours of operations! For questions on donations, volunteer opportunities, or feedback/comments please email

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