Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hello, Hofstra parents and families!
At long last, the holiday season has arrived, bringing with it good food, quality family time, and of course, the hectic travel experience. Here are some tips from the Office of Commuting Student Services and Community Outreach to make your off-campus students’ Thanksgiving travel a little bit easier. Feel free to use these tips for your own home as well!

1.     Lock EVERYTHING. Be sure that your student knows to lock all their doors and windows to keep their place safe.
2.     Students should let a housemate or neighbor know that they are going away so that they can keep an eye on things for them.
3.     Your student should leave a curtain or two open while they are away, this will make it seem like someone is home.
4.     Unplug everything. Even when electronics are off, they still may be using energy while plugged in. This helps keep utilities low while your student is away. 
5.     Remind your student to do a basic maintenance check of their home to make sure that all pipes and electrical parts are all working.
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, Hofstra families!

-Jehovahnie Dorcely, Class of 2017, Undergraduate Assistant

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