Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hello Hofstra Families! Does your student have a birthday coming up soon? Would you like to make their day even more special? Keep reading to find out how you can surprise your student by sending a surprise cake!

To order the cake, you must contact Hofstra Dining Services at least 72 business hours in advance. Their phone number is (516) 463-5395. The birthday honoree must pick up the cake in Room 124 of the Mack Student Center. Provide Dining Services with the contact information for the recipient, and they will get notified of the surprise awaiting them. Also, don’t forget to set a date and time for your student to pick up their yummy treat! Prices vary depending on size and design of the cake. Contact Dining Services for information about pricing and payment. Payment must be made prior to pick up. We hope your students enjoy this sweet sentiment from their loving family!

-Jeo Dorcely, Undergraduate assistant, Class of 2017



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