Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hofstra University Celebrates Diversity

Quotes such as this one from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. adorned
the Plaza Room screens as Hofstra celebrated diversity on campus.
November is Diversity Awareness Month at Hofstra and on November 14 during Common Hour, we held our annual reception celebrating all of the different facets and faces that make up our wonderful University's community. Throughout the event, students, staff and faculty in attendance received a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon their differences as well as their similarities while listening to speakers and taking part in activities.

Students and staff tune in to keynote speaker Julie Yindra during
the Diversity Awareness Month reception, Wednesday afternoon.

Speakers at the reception were each able to provide their own salient perspectives to the role and importance of diversity. "The first encounter one has with diversity as a child is recognizing difference," purported keynote speaker Julie Yindra, Director for Services for Students with Disabilities at Hofstra. "When I was six, I realized not everyone spends their time in a hospital. When I was eight, I realized not everyone was white. When I was twelve, I realized not everyone had a two car garage...but diversity isn't really about difference, it's about sameness. By appreciating our differences we can begin to learn that we are the same."

In her address, Ms. Yindra was able to touch upon a crucial element that diversity provides not only to this campus, but to life in general: by embracing others who may not look the same, or speak the same native language, or dress the same, people are able to build greater connections and create stronger bonds within a community. "You can't just live inside yourself," said one student in attendance. "You have to expand your horizons. And events like this, they help you do that."

Hofstra aims to create a welcoming and diverse atmosphere for each of its students and employees. For more information on what Hofstra has planned for your students throughout this month, visit the Office of Multicultural and International Student Programs website: or check out our events calendar:


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