Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preparing Your Student for Winter on Campus

As the nor’easter that we faced last week and the dropping temperatures prove, winter is almost upon us! For some, this means making snowmen and snow angels, and building snow forts for snowball fights; but for others it means long commutes, shoveling snow and being cold all the time. On campus, snow storms make campus extremely beautiful: there are a lot of fields where students can build their snow forts and snow men and all of the snow covering the trees makes campus look awesome! That said, there are a lot of supplies that students who live on campus can really use to help get through the winter months. You can help out your student by making sure that they have what they need to get through winter when they come home during the winter.

Probably the most important item that your student needs is a good pair of winter boots. During winter, campus can get very slushy and wet, and walking to class in sneakers becomes one of the most uncomfortable things your student can do. A lot of students bring a pair of sneakers in their bag and put them on once they get to their classes. Some other things that your student is going to want are a warm jacket, hat and gloves. During winter, Hofstra becomes very windy, and the tall buildings only serve to tunnel the wind, making a cold day even colder.

For those of you whose students have cars on campus, make sure they have a brush to get snow off their car during the winter. Also, make sure that your student knows to clean off their car after a snow storm, because if they don’t that snow will freeze to the car and getting it off will be next to impossible. A lot of students also keep shovels in their car as well, just in case they get stuck and they need to dig their car out.

Also, make sure that your students know about all of the fun activities that go on around the community during winter. Some of the best opportunities available are ski trips run by local businesses. For around $100 (about $150 if you need to rent gear) many businesses, like Sundown Ski and Snowboard(http://www.sundownski.com/ski_conditions.htm), run day ski trips to Vermont and New Hampshire. Included in the price is transportation, a lift ticket and breakfast. They are a great experience and a great way for your student to get off of campus to explore a little bit.

Winter at Hofstra is a great experience and one that a lot of students look forward to every year. Just make sure that your student is prepared for the winter months, and always make sure that they stay safe!

-Craig Camara, Class of 2014


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