Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hofstra University Ranked #16 for Most Beautiful Campus Arboretum

          Many members of the pride are so grateful for our campus being a 240 acre registered arboretum. For those who are not aware, our campus was just named the 16th most beautiful arboretum among college campuses across the nation! Hofstra University is a stunning 240 acre arboretum with more than 12,000 trees, representing 625 different species and that number continues to grow! Hofstra's campus is also a bird sanctuary, however, our campus has also designated a two acre sanctuary that serves many educational purposes. Many students are so grateful for this beautiful scenery, as an afternoon outside on campus makes for a peaceful break in between classes. For those members of the pride who have not taken the time to walk through our beautiful campus, I highly recommend that you do so!