Friday, March 29, 2013

Women's Her-story Month

Over the month of March Hofstra University has celebrated all women around the world in recognition of Women's HERstory Month. This tradition has its history in a public law passed by Congress in 1981, which formally recognized the week of March 7 as Women's History Week. Through a series of resolutions over the years, Women's History Week eventually expanded into Women's History Month, and has been recognized via Presidential proclamation every year since 1995.

Representatives from "She's the First," a non-profit
organization that aids girls and young women receive
education in developing countries, were very active
throughout the month, shown here, presenting at the
Women's Her-story Month Reception.
Women have played an important role in the founding of our University, and have greatly contributed to Hofstra's growth and culture since. Upon her passing in 1933, Kate Mason Hofstra helped found Hofstra University when she bequeathed her estate as a memorial to her late husband. Since that day, women have continued to help shape life at our University for the better, and this month we celebrated the strides women have made, while pointing out the work we must continue to do as a global community to make sure women are given the same opportunities to thrive and contribute as men.

The Multicultural and International Student Programs Office (MISPO) sponsored programming throughout the month, which included a reception, open discussions and events showcasing the women's organizations and student-run clubs on campus. On International Women's Day (March 8), for example, Hofstra celebrated by writing letters, which MISPO would then mail, to those women who had the greatest impact on their lives. Furthermore, "She's the First," a wonderful non-profit whose mission is to help girls and young women receive education in developing countries, presented at the aforementioned reception and held the month's final campus function by sponsoring a dance-a-thon. Hofstra students, faculty and staff participated to raise money for young women seeking education in the developing world. And even though the month of March is about to make way for April, we will continue to further the educational progress of women around the globe with the help of such an active community of women and men alike.

If you have a student who is interested in diversity within our campus community, urge them to check out MISPO's website or the listing of clubs provided by the Office of Student Leadership and Activities. And be sure check our blog during April for news and events regarding Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Staff from Hofstra's Multicultural and International Student Programs Office
poses before the Women's Her-story Month Reception.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ready. STEP. Go!

For the past month, Hofstra University's Office of Recreation and Intramural Sports has been conducting its "Ready. STEP. Go." campaign in effort to keep Hofstra students and staff active throughout the early portion of the spring semester. Through this initiative, the Hofstra Fitness Center distributed pedometers to interested students who then began to chart their steps each week for 4 weeks.

The student or staff member with the highest step count at the end of each week received a prize from the Fitness Center, with a Grand Prize awarded once all of the steps were tallied at the end of the challenge. When it was all said and done, Mikwaevonn Mills had recorded the most steps in a single day with 87,491, whereas Jason J. Albert recorded the most total steps with 758,348 over the course of the challenge. Impressive!

"Ready. STEP. Go." began on Monday, February 11 and wrapped up this past Sunday, March 17. A total of 331 students and staff participated in the challenge, which surpassed Hofstra's Office of Recreation and Intramural Sports' initial goal of 200 participants.

"...[I]t is gratifying to see the enthusiasm from everyone participating, tracking and recording their steps, which has made the challenge that much more rewarding and memorable," said Assistant Director of Recreation and Intramural Sports, James Tamburino. "Along with getting people on campus involved with the event, our ultimate goal was to create awareness of physical activity on campus, and I believe this challenge has reached that goal."

Students were challenged to track their steps each day for

Hofstra is always trying new ways of keeping its students and staff as active as possible. With recent renovations to the Fitness Center and over 20 club and intramural sports on campus, Hofstra's Office of Recreation and Intramural Sports continues to grow. For more information, follow the link above to the Fitness Center's website, or call (516) 463-6958.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hofstra Student Life: LinkedIn LunchIn

Remind your students to attend "InDay" this Friday (March 15) at 12:30 p.m. in the Plaza Rooms. 

Hofstra is thrilled to announce that the LinkedIn New York office has selected Hofstra (from only a few NY schools) to be a part of the company’s “InDay” program efforts. This is a great honor and an even better opportunity for your student to learn how to build a network and the importance of doing so while learning how LinkedIn can assist them in their efforts. Employees will be on Hofstra's campus to conduct a workshop and answer your students' questions!

The event is open to all students--undergraduate, graduate, and law. So, please urge them to take advantage of this awesome program. Lunch will be served!

InDay happens once a month where members of the LinkedIn team are encouraged to explore new networks in the community.

LinkedIn LunchIn
Friday, March 15
12:30 p.m.
Plaza Rooms, Sondra and David S. Mack StudentCenter, North Campus

Instruct your student to RSVP on Pride-CMS, located under MyApps on their Hofstra Portal.

If they have questions, please instruct them to call the Career Center at (516) 463-6060.

-Mary Coleman, assistant director

Students can check out the blogpost below:

Hofstra Student Life: LinkedIn LunchIn: We are excited to let you know that the LinkedIn New York office has selected Hofstra (from only a few NY schools) to be a part of the com...

Hofstra Roller Hockey Club Hosts 5th Annual St. Baldrick's Day Fundraiser

On Wednesday March 13th, The Hofstra Roller Hockey Club hosted its 5th annual St. Baldrick’s Day fundraiser. Donors throughout Hofstra, including the Roller Hockey Team, the Medical School, and the Sigma Pi and Phi Alpha Delta Fraternities all teamed up to raise money for this great foundation. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is committed to ending childhood cancer, and helping out the children who are currently suffering from cancer. Together the teams rose over $15,000, all of which goes to the Foundation.
Hofstra Roller Hockey team gathers with faculty and members of Phi Alpha Delta
before the St. Baldrick's fundraising event.

Also during the event, those raising money went on stage in the Hofstra Student Center and had their heads shaved in front of the crowd that had gathered to watch in solidarity with children who lose their hair during chemotherapy. Over 50 heads were shaved in total, with many passersby’s joining in as well.
James Lauto, a Junior at Hofstra, gets his head shaved for a good cause.
From 5:00-8:00am, News 12 field reporter Erin Colton joined in on the action, shaving the heads of several Roller Hockey team members on live television, as well as Dean of Students, Pete Libman. The Roller Hockey Team hopes that by having the shaving on television, as well as catching the students walking back and forth to classes will raise awareness for this great cause. It isn’t too late to donate to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation however. You can give a donation to this great cause here.
Inae Rurup, a Junior at Hofstra, is the first female Hofstra student to step up to the stage and
have her head shaved for the St. Baldrick's fundraiser.

-Craig Camara, Class of 2014

New SSD Office Providing Open Space for Disabled Students

At the onset of Spring 2013, Hofstra's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) opened its new office in 040 Memorial Hall. The office arranges academic accommodations and provides support for students with physical, learning and/or psychological disabilities.

Once situated in both the second floor of Memorial Hall and several offices in Roosevelt Hall, SSD has consolidated its personnel to a singular, accessible location that gives students registered with the department the space they need to succeed on campus. “We are excited," said Victoria Simon, Accommodations and Communications Coordinator, SSD, "because our students are now able to access all of the services that they need from one place.”
SSD Director, Julie Yindra, helps students registered with her office
navigate the resources Hofstra has available for them, as well as
The basement office includes not only handicap accessible waiting areas and filing cabinets, but also a new computer lab wherein students registered with SSD are able to work independently on exams and assignments. All a student would have to do is fill out a "Sign Me Up!" form along with their professor and take that over to the lab in 034 Memorial Hall in order to access the lab.
The entire office is handicap accessible, even the filing cabinets.
If you have a student who is registered with SSD, or if you would like to learn more information about the department, email Victoria Simon or call (516) 463-7075.

A state-of-the-art computer lab is just down the hall for students
with disabilities who need extra time on exams.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Jail & Bail 2013

SSD and OSLA, in conjunction with several student groups, are proud to announce the 2nd annual Jail & Bail event to benefit Special Olympics on March 15th. The event raises money by selling “warrants” in advance of the event and placing “arrestees” in a makeshift jail in the Student Center. Arrestees then have to raise money from family, friends and classmates in order to be set free. Last year they were able to raise nearly $7,000 and fund 35 athletes for the entire year. So, if your student calls you on March 15th and tell you they are “in jail” and need bail money, don’t panic. Help us raise money for this terrific cause, and allow us to reach our goal of $10,000 for Special Olympics.

-Julie Yindra, Director of Services for Students with Disabilities

Students were placed in "jail" to raise nearly $7,000
for the Special Olympics during Jail & Bail 2012.