Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tips For Getting Your Student Prepared for the Winter!

   Last winter was rough, and this year it’s been a very confusing winter. However it’s finally starting to get very cold outside! For some, this means snowball fights and snowmen, hot chocolate, and staying inside with friends to watch movies. For others this means long commutes, tons of shoveling, and being cold all the time. New York snowstorms create a winter wonderland on campus, and although snowstorms bring joy to many people, there are a lot of supplies that students can use that will really help them get through the winter months. You can help your student become prepared by making sure they have exactly what they need this winter.

Get those warm clothes ready!

This is one of the most important things to remember. For first-year and transfer students coming from warmer areas, the cold can surprise them if they are not used to it. Therefore, make sure that your student has all of the winter clothes he or she needs including a warm winter coat, snow boots, snow pants, hats, gloves, thicker socks, etc. Believe us, it will get!


Help get your student’s car prepared

Whether your student is commuting to school or has their car on campus, taking steps to getting your student’s car ready for the winter can save him or her hours of frustration later on. There are few things worse than getting up early for class to find snow dumped on your car and it not starting! Help your student by showing him or her how to check their battery and getting the car’s oil changed. Other items you will want to stock your student’s trunk with includes plenty of anti-freeze, windshield fluid, a snow brush, strong shovel, and a winter emergency roadside kit. If you have snow tires, go ahead and help your student switch their tires to those. Teach your student how to use the defroster in their car properly. Constantly remind your student to drive safe and slow when the roads can be very dangerous- it’s okay to be a nag, that’s your job! For those whose students commute, encourage your student to make friends with other commuters and set up a carpool or make friends with resident students. Sometimes classes end late, sometimes the roads are dangerous. Stay worry free while your student is warm on campus watching the snowfall from C-Square!

It’s just snow- encourage your student to enjoy it!


Encourage your student, especially if they’ve never seen snow or experienced winter weather before, to take advantage of it. Deter them from staying in their residence hall or home and instead, encourage them to take a walk in Hofstra’s winter wonderland. Tell your student to get on the intramural fields with some friends and start a fun and safe snowball fight or build some snowmen and snow angels!

Winter at Hofstra is an exciting experience and one that many students look forward to every year. Just make sure that your student is prepared for the winter months, and make sure that they stay safe!

-Gabriella Novello, Class of 2018