Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Interview With Olivia Galati, Hofstra's All-American Pitcher

Following her team’s historic run and near-berth in the Women’s College World Series, star Hofstra pitcher and recently-named first team All-American, Olivia Galati, was kind enough to take part in an interview for the Office of Parent and Family Programs.  Fresh off her brilliant season, she had some great insight to offer the parents of the Hofstra community.

How do you balance academics and athletics?

It’s hard to balance both, during the school year we get up to practice at 6am for conditioning, go to class and then practice again in the evenings.  …We definitely have to set aside time on the weekends in order to get everything done.

Were you able to get a sense of how life at Hofstra differs from the colleges you visited on your postseason run?  In terms of campus life?

Well, on going out to UCLA: the campus was absolutely beautiful; but at Hofstra we’re used to having everything very close – you know, you have the residential side of campus and then cross the Turnpike to get to class; but it was certainly nice to see the differences in atmosphere at the other campuses and with the other student bodies.  That said, all of the girls are definitely happy to be where they are at Hofstra.

Did you have a pregame routine during your playoff run?

Well, everyone on the team has different routines – or, more like superstitions than routines.  Everyone’s listening to different music and putting their make-up on differently.  I listen to Taylor Swift, myself.

What is your favorite post-game meal?

After each game, the coaches would normally order us something out of a Carrabbas or some kind of Italian restaurant – and sometimes the NCAA would even provide us with food out of the hotels, which was surprisingly very good; but I guess I’d have to say that, as a team, our favorite post-game meal would be Chicken Marsala.

What is your favorite thing to do on campus?

We normally hang out with each other, especially late in the season since everyone else is heading off after finals, though we’re all very close and hang out together as often as possible.  It’s tough in-season, though, we don’t get much time – it’s basically all softball and business.

Would you have any advice for parents of athletes in supporting their students?

Well, my parents have always been there and have always been very supportive.  I know that if a parent has a son or daughter who’s an athlete they’re probably with them all the time, coaching them, supporting them.  I’d say if a parent sticks by their kid and takes the time to make sure they’re the best person they can be, they’ll be successful: they can overcome any stereotype they come across with hard work.

Olivia is entering her senior year this fall.  We wish her and the rest of the Hofstra Pride softball team the very best for next season – we’re sure they will continue to make us proud in the years to come.

- Nolan Meditz, Graduate Assistant at the Office of Parent and Family Programs


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