Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New SSD Office Providing Open Space for Disabled Students

At the onset of Spring 2013, Hofstra's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) opened its new office in 040 Memorial Hall. The office arranges academic accommodations and provides support for students with physical, learning and/or psychological disabilities.

Once situated in both the second floor of Memorial Hall and several offices in Roosevelt Hall, SSD has consolidated its personnel to a singular, accessible location that gives students registered with the department the space they need to succeed on campus. “We are excited," said Victoria Simon, Accommodations and Communications Coordinator, SSD, "because our students are now able to access all of the services that they need from one place.”
SSD Director, Julie Yindra, helps students registered with her office
navigate the resources Hofstra has available for them, as well as
The basement office includes not only handicap accessible waiting areas and filing cabinets, but also a new computer lab wherein students registered with SSD are able to work independently on exams and assignments. All a student would have to do is fill out a "Sign Me Up!" form along with their professor and take that over to the lab in 034 Memorial Hall in order to access the lab.
The entire office is handicap accessible, even the filing cabinets.
If you have a student who is registered with SSD, or if you would like to learn more information about the department, email Victoria Simon or call (516) 463-7075.

A state-of-the-art computer lab is just down the hall for students
with disabilities who need extra time on exams.


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